The Suburban Toys formed in July 2012 out of a necessity to create, whilst having some fun with like-minded friends. We're not the best of musicians, but we are good friends who want to make some original music...and if anyone wants to come along for the ride, and actually likes what we do, then all the better!


​Vinnie was in  band called The Eccentrics, with Christa-Belle being an ardent fan of the band.  One day in 2011 she decided to drag her best friend Padme to an Eccentrics gig.  Whilst in between bands, and in another part of the venue, Padme was urged on by Vinnie & Christa-Belle to take part in a karaoke - she blew them away. 
A few months later, in late 2011, Christa-Belle expressed a desire to take up drums.  She messaged Vinnie on Facebook saying that she and Padme were going to form a band called 'Reason37', and that they were still short of a bass player (wink wink).
About the same time as this Vinnie went to a Lincoln Bands reunion, and met up with his old guitarist  (and school friend) from a band he was in called the 'Suburban Toys'.  They also met with their old vocalist Louise Prideaux, and talked about having a band reunion.  Louise didn't seem so keen.
Early 2012  and Vinnie started to jam with Adam.   A few jams later, and they invited Christa-Belle and Padme to join them...the invitation was accepted..and the current Suburban Toys was formed.
In October 2013 Padme and the Suburban Toys parted ways, mainly due to her work commitment.  Georgina had seen the band play, and having some background in dancing and performing, filled in the vacant position.  Shortly after Vikki was found.  She could play other instruments, namely saxophone, keyboards, and guitar..amd she could also sing.  So the new Suburban Toys, born yet again!
March 2014 saw Christa leave the band.  She had too many things going on, with little time to do it all, so with all the work commitments - something had to give.  Callum Tomlin, a drummer with some experience of playing in punk bands, said he would stand in until another drummer was found.  The Toys advertised for a drummer, and in August 2014 they auditioned drummers.  Charlie Watts was one of the potential applicants, and with a name like that it was natural that he got the role.  He was gigging a week later!
Fast forward into 2015, and a number of gigs, as well as some recording sessions, and we have Vikki calling it a day.  She has a number of side projects on the go, as well as the fact that she is going off to University next year.  Her last gig will be November 29th, with The Toys supporting the Buzzcocks at Lincoln's Engine Shed.
So to the current ...
Georgina - vocals
Vinnie - bass
Adam - guitar
Charlie - drums
with us now possibly looking for a keyboard player / vocalist, but going on as a 4-piece for the time being.