Aged 15 and under the influence of the Punk/New wave scene, Adam bought his first guitar, learnt to play along to the Clash’s debut album and formed Punk band “Trial Start” with school mates. The line up soon evolved into Persecution Complexx having teamed up with Vinnie, writing material and performing a few local gigs. Ambitions dictated a need to improve and a new drummer and singer saw the birth of the original Suburban Toys with more songs, gigs and studio recordings to follow.

Adam called it a day with the Toys at the end of 1983, had a break from playing and picked up with Vinnie again in 1985 forming Goth/Punk band “Colony 4”, spending a year writing material, recording, performing one gig then disbanding!

Adam then ceased to pick up the guitar again for another 10 years or so, until some like minded work colleagues had the idea of playing again. After a few light hearted rehearsals playing cover material, “XCert” were formed and continued to play the local pub circuit for the next 12 years.

“Xcert” called it a day in 2008 and so did Adam. Convinced, he would never play again and on the verge of archiving/selling his gear, Vinnie appeared back on the scene with the desire to bring the Suburban Toys back in to the world and here we are with Christa-Belle and Padme in a new line up!