Vinnie started off playing drums (many years ago), in an 'art-punk' band called The Existential Gardeners, but wasn'happy being stuck at the back of the stage.  He quickly progressed on to bass guitar, and formed a band called 'Persecution Complexx' with some like-minded school mates.

This band lasted about 8 months before mutating into a new-wave band called the 'Suburban Toys'.  Many people came and went through the band over the next couple of years, loads of gigs, some recordings done, with the band eventually evolving into 'Colony 4', a Goth Rock band.  These guys rehearsed for a year, recorded an albums worth of material, played one gig, and then promptly disbanded.

Vinnie then joined a garage punk band called 'Acid Rose'. A few more gigs ensued, before being kicked out due to 'musical differences.

He then reformed 'The Toys', played a few more gigs before giving up playing altogether.

A few years passed by, he dabbled in some playing, namely a band called ‘the Conmen’, before deciding that it was time to reform a gigging band again.  The Suburban Toys were reincarnated again, with some original members, and some new ones. This lasted a few more years, many gigs, some recordings, before changes were forced on the band.

More reinvention, and ‘The Eccentrics’ were born, with some ex-Suburban Toys as members.  Many gigs, loads of recordings, tours of USA & Europe over the years, until again changes were forced on the band…and so the new ‘Suburban Toys’ were born.